People development solutions

Are you aware how recent studies reveal that performance can be boosted by as much as 33% when interpersonal dynamics are high? We also think this is remarkable and have set our targets high so that whether facilitating or coaching, we find that 33% for you.

Many claim their experience with us to be life changing, which we realise is a bold statement to repeat. When asking ourselves what makes that difference, the sense we get is due to the fact that we absolutely love what we do and consider this our life’s work.

When that level of significant personal transformation happens, we consider it to be the natural by-product of participant readiness and commitment, meeting with our passion for supporting the development of others.

People development solutions

What we do

Whether training, coaching or mentoring, the people we meet become more self-directed and interested in further developing their EQ and leadership skills. Overall results include people becoming more purposeful and willing to stretch into their higher potential as they become more connected with their own development and how this relates to the bigger working system.

Change in other areas includes increased self-awareness, stronger levels of resilience to constant stress and change and the ability to go beyond standard problem solving into the realm of personal contribution and innovation.

As a self-directed team, we also continually work on our own professional development by being deeply curious learners of life.

How and why we do it

How we do it
Our high level target is to support the development of people and teams whilst taking into account the bigger organisational development plan.

To do so, we are continually at the edge of designing, developing and delivering what our clients say they require. Often times what happens though is far beyond that, as the natural flow within each class creates a distinct outcome unique to that group of participants.

Why we do what we do
Quite simply – we love what we do which is to facilitate, guide, support and be totally present for those who desire to grow as individuals and teams.

Whether its conducting skills and performance audits, team building, coaching or facilitating specific learning and development interventions, our team will plan and work alongside your leadership and management every step of the way.

How and why we do it

Accreditation and Certification Many of the Generic programs have been developed in line with outcomes based requirements of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). DGT is confident that its products meet the Critical Cross Field Outcomes in Unit Standards across industry sectors.

In addition we have an established Quality Management System thereby ensuring a continued compliance of best practice within the National Qualifications Framework. Companies participating in our generic training may claim from their skills development levies.

DGT has achieved Provisional Accreditation from the Services SETA (SETQAA decision number 2069)

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