Natural Moments

In this video, Colin explores the interaction between nature and man and the creative force that builds every 'now' moment.  

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“Somewhere, beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there”

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When Nature Calls

Greetings Beautiful People I have just returned from a swim at our local dam as we don’t have the gyms and indoor swimming pools that most folk are used to, when living in the city. So the swimming done here is outdoors and I must therefore work with nature. The dam...

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Energising “The Will”

Greetings beautiful people. I hope that you are all enjoying the spring that has sprung upon us. I am feeling the air change and as I write this, the smell of jasmine pervades my senses, a sure sign that summer is on its way. Last month we spoke about energy and this...

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Personal Vision

Your Tower of Success is only as tall as the foundation of the Personal Vision upon which it stands. Join Colin as he discusses the 5 reasons why we should have a Personal Vision. [et_bloom_inline...

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Check Your Confidence Levels

Would you describe yourself as being confident? Self Confidence might mean different things to different people. For a child it might mean the ability to recite a poem to her teacher the next morning. For a business executive it might mean the ability to present a...

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Energy Goes Where Attention Flows

Greetings Beautiful People I hope this blog finds you all well.  I have been doing my best to get some exercise in between travels, and find myself so energized after these sessions as the endorphins surge through my body. This is a form of energy boost for me, even...

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