The Inter-relationship between Beyond Thinking and DGT’s One Day Inter-personal Skills Programs

Whilst the principles of conflict management, stress management, communication skills and more are covered in Beyond Thinking, the topics are foundational and serve the purpose of the greater vision that the 3-day flagship program has to offer, which is that of developing deeper personal leadership capacity and EQ awareness.

When these one day topics are unpacked as individual programs, the opportunity is provided to develop far greater intra- and interpersonal skills. For example, healthy communications require an individual to have awareness of the dynamics of effectively communicating and a developed ability to manage one’s own state of being in conflict and stress situations.

Our facilitators are highly qualified in all the class topics and have a complimentary EQ knowledge base. They work closely together so as to ensure their respective skill sets are passed on to all the delegates.

Beyond Thinking and Dynamic People Skills

Beyond Thinking introduces the principles of influence, rapport and buy in. The 1-day Dynamic People Skills program deepens the fundamental Beyond Thinking principles of building charisma along with added content such as the importance of first impressions and what to do to create a good one. The foundation pillars of building psychological safety and personal influence are taken to a deeper level in this dynamic class.

Beyond Thinking and Stress Management

What separates this class from other EQ programs, is the practical application of mindfulness exercises such as deep relaxation breathing which allows for managing stress levels in easy and practical ways. The 1-day Stress Management program provides greater in-depth knowledge on the cognitive and practical aspects of stress management and the variety of tools provided, empower participants to select those which best work for them.

Beyond Thinking and Time Management

In Beyond Thinking we talk about focus and distractions, and how to reduce the distractions that “rob” us of our much needed energy required to achieve goals. The 1-day Time Management course provides practical tools on how to plan, prioritise and manage the time to focus on achieving goals.

Beyond Thinking and Problem Solving

In Beyond Thinking we explore working with change and how stress, core beliefs, mindset etc, can affect problem solving. Whilst we touch on the importance of attitude and mindset in the 1-day Problem Solving class, the focus is more so on the practical “how to’s” of the problem solving process.

Beyond Thinking and Communication Skills

In Beyond Thinking we work with creating psychological safety and how to build trust through courageous conversations. Power, warmth and presence, all contribute to psychological safety and can be applied through active listening, asking open questions, advocacy and building trust with specific behaviours.  In addition, the one day Communications Course unpacks the practical aspects of communications skills and building rapport in greater depth than that introduced in Beyond Thinking. 

Beyond Thinking and Constructive Conflict

Beyond Thinking provides a range of tools to work with interpersonal conflict, including the role of ‘egonomics’. Early warning signs of destructive behaviour, such as defensiveness, seeking acceptance, showcasing brilliance and co-parativeness are recognised and our 1-day program provides greater depth of the everyday behaviours that lead to conflict and ties all this into the well researched Thomas Killman conflict resolution model, providing a structured and strategic approach to dealing with conflict.

Beyond Thinking and Presentation Skills

Beyond Thinking provides the tools to prepare individuals for addressing their fears of public speaking as well as providing the know how of connecting with the audience using power, presence and warmth. The Presentation Skills class expands on the mindfulness and skills of influence introduced in Beyond Thinking and additional tips and tools are provided by the facilitator who is an award winning public speaker.

Beyond Thinking and Team Leader Development

These two courses are complimentary in that Beyond Thinking provides leaders with a “leadership mindset” from an emotional intelligence and personal mastery perspective, whereas the Team Leader program addresses what type of leader you are and how to deepen ones influence using specific strategies like motivation and delegation. This 1-day class is a very effective way to build on the foundational leadership work done in Beyond Thinking.